Visa Runs….

Are you an Influencer living on the Island? If you haven’t already, eventually you’ll have to do a visa run…. here are our top tips for surviving your first one:

Your nationality, purpose of your visit (social/ tourism or work) and length of stay determine your visa type. You can check if your country is listed under the 140 countries who have visa exemption or if you stay less than 30 days you won’t need to do a visa run you can check with

If your country is not listed then you need to apply for a Visa with an Indonesian Embassy or consulate abroad (outside of Indonesia). Here are some top tips to keep in mind:

* Visa Regulations are based on your passport / nationality

* 140 nationalities need no Visa (FREE ENTRY; see list below, max. stay 30 days)

* A Free Entry Stamp CANNOT be extended

* Passport must always be valid 6 months (for social visa 12 months) from day of arrival. No exceptions.

* Keep a page on passport empty for stamp or visa sticker!

* Day of arrival counts as day one, day of departure counts as full day

* Penalty fee for overstaying IDR 300,000 per day (about $30 AU a day, so check your dates!)

* Don’t bring more than IDR 100mio in cash (ca. AUD 10,000)

* In need of sponsor letters, KITAS, Visa extensions, etc working with a reliable agent is recommended

* Singapore is the closest country, you can fly out of Bali and back in on the same day, this ensures you don’t have to book accommodation overnight

* Leave yourself enough time to get to the airport, there are often traffic jams and the airports are busy with tourists so check in (and print) your boarding pass before arriving.

* Once in Singapore there are a number of great restaurants, cafes and shops – there’s even a pool so pack your togs! No need to leave the airport!

* Book a return car to pick you up, it will be cheaper than a taxi (unless you ask them to use the metre) and Gojek is not allowed to come into the airport.

* We also suggest taking a jumper – those early morning flights are chilly! Happy visas belari!!!!



* We cannot be held responsible for this information the official immigration website of Indonesia is

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